Acceptance and happiness

For the past year of my life, I have lived in a small, rural town of no recreational interest and people with a totally strange environment and resident’s behavior. Ever since I first arrived here it has been the most boring place I have ever lived and the saddest part of my life. Back in the days, I would have said I was unhappy here due to the fact that this place totally sucks. I mean there is clearly nothing to do.
But now, I realize that it is actually not necessary for me to blame my unhappiness on a town, or the limited resource of entertainment. I have found out that none of these factors causes my unhappiness, nor could they ever do so. In fact, the only reason I am unhappy is because I chose to be so. In order to be truly happy, I had to understand what being happy really entails. That way I got to the point that made me learn that sometimes happiness is the things surrounding me.
Happiness is my health, my success and the love I get from those who acknowledge my existence. Happiness is leaving my towel intentionally then asking mom to bring it when I’m about to get off the bath. The feeling of being loved and appreciated is just a lot on its own I can’t even mention the feeling of ice cream melting in my mouth because the way it manages to draw a smile on my face you could even think I won the lottery.
So upon becoming conscious of all those facts, I chose to be happy. Living life like it is my last moment, accepting the environment ‘social skills, the people and doing all the fun stuffs that I have been oppressing myself not to do, due to concentrating on physical factors over the two and a quarter decades thinking that they are the paramount source of happiness.


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