A nonjudgmental society exist

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to live in a nonjudgmental society? Where every step you take or every move you make will never be judged. I happen to live in that society.

Hard to believe? Well grab a snack and continue reading. Today ‘society seems to be extremely tormented by destructive negativity.  That leads to poor self confidence. Some can go further to self hate due to the negative comments they get from society, be it about how they wear their clothes, their skin, body image, culture you name it.

However blaming yourself for not being what the society wants you to be is definitely pointless. I know being called names and feeling like you have no sense of belonging hurts. According to my own understanding living in a nonjudgmental society is the moment you get wind of the fact that the society is only criticizing you because you are in possession of something they can’t possess.

Life becomes a lot easier the moment you start embracing yourself and having full confidence about the things they bash you a lot about, because it is there where you will notice that what they actually vilify you about is the thing that makes you unique. So basically a nonjudgmental society is not some kind of a castle or paradise! It is just setting your mind to stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and Start loving yourself for everything that you are.

Simple as that! You do not need to waste a dime on buying clothes they want you to wear, doing skin bleaching or going on diet, you actually do not need to please anyone else other than yourself, remember, A negative mind will never give you a positive life so stop focusing on negativity and start to make a change in your life that will progress your tomorrow, just focus on your goals and your dreams


3 thoughts on “A nonjudgmental society exist

  1. Very sage advice! I think that internal decision to not judge ourselves but instead embrace our gifts and talents does indeed spread out into the world. It can take a little time for others to embrace the energy of self-love that we put out, but with consistent practice, people can’t help but either love us – or at least take their negativity elsewhere!


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