the most painful episode of life

There comes a time in our lives where you crazy fall in love, a time where you find yourself doing stupid things that you would not do when you are on your normal senses, a moment in life where you feel so attached to a certain person and decides to happily create new memories, vows and promises with assurance that only death can separate you.

It is natural to get romantically involved actually romanticism is sensational. It makes you feel emotionally stable, safe and secure. You begin to trust that one perfect person with whatever secret or problems you might have. As the relationship goes on you both learn new things that make a positive influence in your lives and change the way you think and feel about each other.

You tend to express your love in all possible ways like gifts, surprise vacations, Rooftop dinners, shopping for each other secretly, and text messages even taking turns in washing the dishes! However no matter how pretty the couple is or how rich you are.

Some relationships never last. A break up is the most painful episode of life. In view of the fact that, the person who vowed to go through hell with you turns to be the very same person to turn you down. it is a very painful moment Watching every memory flushing down the drain.

Knowing that there is definitely nothing you could do to fix it. The funny thing is, the moment your partner tells you about breaking up with you, divorce or whatever. All the memories made from the first eye contact you made, romantic dates you had, choosing his outfit for the day, choosing her hairstyle.

Staying on the phone all night, the arguments, all those moments you shared together they just turn into series of flashback in your head. Giving you no choice than to breakdown and be a mess for the rest of the day, week even months. Sometimes it is not the memories that bring a paining feeling but letting go of all the effort made for the relationship to work out, all the trust given to the wrong person and time wasted.





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