Mending a broken heart


It is pretty much difficult to concentrate on pulling yourself together when your mind is clouded with questions like, What went wrong? Will we get back together one day? 

In most cases moving on is not as simple as one can think, and so is healing from a broken heart but one of the best things in life is to focus on yourself.

Channel the pain you are feeling into a healing process, make sure you create no room for grudges and guilt whether you made a horrible mistake in the relationship or not, sounds crazy right? Remember your main focus is on recovering from the emotional breakdown you went through.

Right now it is all about maintaining self-love and ensuring that your well being is your priority. For some reasons surrounding yourself with people who appreciate and respect your decision comes in handy.

Going out, movies, dancing and visiting those old places you used to visit with that particular person helps in overcoming all your pains. It shows you are strong enough to accept made decisions as they are and you are willing to beging a new chapter of life leaving the past behind.

There are many ways of pulling yourself together after a break up but focusing on negativity towards the entire gender happens to be the worse poison that could ever groom in our minds and hearts. Which can eventually lead to destructive impacts.

Just because you went on the wrong side of the hill it does not mean that the other side of the hill also have thorns. Dont be hard on yourself, learn from your mistakes and never deprive yourself of  amazing opportunities because of one horrible moment you experienced.


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