I’ll go anywhere as long as it is forward

People pass, hearts are broken and lessons are learnt, no matter how strong or tough skinned you are life sometimes gets to a point where it proves you that you can actually be fragile.

In many instances I have cried and went through emotional breakdown not to mention having million thoughts that the world might be at its last minute as if my heart would cease to beat. But instead I wiped the tears away in realization that life goes on. It was just a bad day not a bad life and that petty problems intend nothing other than taking you a step back of your life.

In fact life is made of challenges that determine what a person is made of and in that case I was never made of weakness and failure. Whatever the situation can be I will still have that little hope, knowing that it will not get the best of me. Iam one of those people who believe in “Positive mind for a positive life” I remember one time back in the days I got accused and forced to do things very wrong to a level that all the people I thought were my ride or die just disappeared and I was left with no one by my side.

But that did not bring me down, Fine it hurt me a lot and from that day I started to look at those people differently. I never held grudges but I was thankful to them for making me go through hell because they made me crave to go anywhere as long as it is forward with my life plus I became fully aware that a person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success.

Keep in mind that success is not only about money and material things but also relating to courage, patience, perseverance and strength. I am not saying you have to go through the worse, but having to face difficult situations makes you strong. It also makes you able to spot the fake people in your circle. You get to learn from your experience of being a victim of depression and frustration and avoid the same track that lead you to situations like this most of all you learn how to live life in its true sense and love life but also be prepared to bear the pricks of pain.


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