Dear Future Self

Girl!! Tell me you’re joking! You finally got some sort of graphene  screen stuck in your palm, that’s way too Cool!! At least you will no longer worry about thieves attacking you for a smart phone in these streets.

Tell me you are living in a different city! How is life treating you anyway? Because as I remember well all the hot guys are now settled blah blah blah, wait a minute are you married? No way! Anyways I’m happy for you. I can see you have achieved a lot in your life. Very interesting now you are holding that Masters degree in Linguistics.

You know sometimes I doubted that you could succeed in that not to sound jealous but you are a lazy piece of fruit! When it comes to studies I mean once you get home your level of reading goes from 99% to 0.0% but on the real I’m so proud of you! So tell me about France, have you finally travelled to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, you always loved that place.

Your desires about that country and its places were so amazing, do you remember that Saturday we were at the river and you started day dreaming about it. Then when we got home you showed me all the pictures of  Strasbourg, Arles, Loire Valley, Mont Saint-Michel and French Riviera that you kept in your memory box, do you still have it anyway?

I was hoping you’d say that hahaha!! Honestly you seem to be a “woman of your word” you set your goals in life and achieve them I’m so glad that you lowered your pride because I’m hundred percent sure that if you never did you were not going to achieve your goals and you better thank that timeline you set to achieve your goals for being a long one, because we both know hahahaha! Now where is the Range Rover young lady?


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