Upcoming year’s resolutions

People change with time and so do their aspirations! So I guess it is a perfect opportunity to set my resolutions to help me achieve my goals for the upcoming year. Sounds crazy right?

Well the reason I chose this time of the year is due to the fact that, it is only at this moment where regrets of time wasted all year-long just hit you right on your face like Holly mother of God I was just on energy-saving mode without realizing all my plans are going down the drain!!!

Believe me when that happens you turn into a problem solver expert. As to why you failed to achieve your set goals, in what way that particular conception made you fail and how to rectify those issues in the upcoming year.

Bear in mind that at this point in time you do not have the hype of an unfolding new year compared to that of January which might lead you to make a long unnecessary list of resolutions, instead of pointing out important ones. So no matter how busy my life is, I promise to make a change and:

  • Learn to control my emotions
  • Face my fears and insecurities
  • Stick to my recently developed healthy habits
  • Learn a new language
  • Turn hobby into a career
  • Start writing a that book/journal

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