Never be a slave of your emotions

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This minute you are cursing and swearing the next you are all lovey-dovey and stuff yet inside you are still broken and in pieces because of the verbal bullets he fired to you during the fights and arguments.

Throughout the relationship you have told yourself to be patient since they say “as long as he pay your bills, he comes back home, share the same bed with you; my dear he really loves you”  with all that ignorance not to mention stubbornness you just happen to live according to their saying.

There is nothing, Not even a simplest tiny single thing you do that comes directly from you as your own decision, since every move you make and everything you do has to come from a second person’s mouth after all he is the king in this relationship, I must say. He gives the commands and you do as you are told and there you go happily calling it love.

You wake up on the right side of the bed, joyfully singing that one favorite hymn you were taught by your grandmother from the village and all you get is ”In this household we do not speak monkey language”  the fact that  he said something to you, not minding that it is negative. Your smile never washes away because to you it is pure love.

The numbers of clothes that do not fit you anymore increase by a minute to a point that even your neighbors begin to suspect that you are living with the dreadful disease, but your hunger for a five-star life and love on its own just makes you blind to your suffering mind, body and soul.

There comes a time in life where we bring to the table our achievements. Oh lord have mercy! Do not tell me that all you bring to the table is “A happily ever after relationship”. My dear Just because your man owns five BMW’s, three Range Rovers, Runs four companies in four different countries It does not mean those achievements are of your effort.

First of all, which happily ever after are you talking about? Stop begging love from someone who does not see your worth. All he consider you as, is a housemaid, punching bag he can go as far as a sex slave. It is high time you take your stands and make up your mind.

You were not born to suffer for love, but yes, to embrace and cherish love with people who whole heartedly appreciate your existence in their lives, people who appreciate your worth and love you as you are.


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