Being of colour on Online dating

In this world we live in, the internet just happen to be the most prefered media of communicating nowadays. No matter how busy you are it just makes it easy for you to swipe right or slide in the dms. The interesting part about this is that you do not run out of vocabulary, you do not have anxiety of how to start a conversation most of all you do not have to worry about your make up and outfit of the day because all this happens through your phone or computer.

However  it wasn’t going to be such an amazing world we live in without those internet freaks living for negativity. Who makes online dating hard for one due to the fact that they are of colour! Mind you this article is not potraying racism but details of experiences normally occured while on online dating and apps. I mean there is nothing more annoying other than someone who come across your photo, then out of all your physical features your skin grabs his attention.


To a level that, that particular someone ends up complimenting nagatively about it and believe me, the people who talks rude about your skin colour are the very same people who are just on the dating sites just for you to satisfy their sexual hunger; their experience of how it feels like to have sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite skin colour. With no intensions of loving them of course!


Actually these apps or websites were set up to help in search of your mr/mrs right but in reality all you get are ignorant people dump enough to remind you every second that you ar black, white, rainbow, purple, red whatever colour you are and judge you based from that


3 thoughts on “Being of colour on Online dating

  1. Every now and again, I’ll think, “Hey, why not give Tinder or POF another try? Nothing to lose, right?”

    I am then swiftly reminded why I deleted my accounts there, thanks to the pervs/a**holes/Netflix-and-chill-one-night-standers. I’m not a lady of color but I am “Mixed Race”, so I imagine we run into some of the same problems.

    You’re a Queen so don’t you let those haters get you down!


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