When you browse through the internet, you see those breath taking beautiful clothes then your heart says yes but your bank account says no even though you deserve the most out of your wardrobe. It’s painful I know, but what if I can tell you that you can have that Bajillion outfit only by remodeling your wardrobe. But you only have to set aside the fear of needles and thread because here’s a way you can update your old crop top with the current viral lace-up trend going on lately and the best part about it is that you won’t need to go anywhere near a sewing machine to do any of it.


Rotating hole puncher

Eyelet puncher

Sewing tape Measure

Pair of Scissors


Old Crop top

Shoe lace

Start off by taking off the buttons using a Pair of scissors if the crop top have buttons. In case the crop top have no buttons you can start by making measurements using the Sewing tape measure on where you will attach your eyelets.

Punch holes using the Rotating hole puncher, depending on how thick the material of the crop top, you might need to use your scissors to poke the holes out.


Attach Eyelets in the holes. Insert the grommet from the outside of the crop top. The washer (or backer/backing) will be attached from the inside of the crop top.

Secure the eyelets in place by using the Eyelet puncher.

Once you finished attaching the eyelets, thread the Shoe lace through the holes


Congratulations you’re done!!  I’d rather chip a few nails and feel proud of myself than wasting bajillion dollars on a silly crop top!! I mean I’ve got bills to pay. French fries & Pizza doesn’t just order itself Okay!


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