Going “Emo”

A lot of people think that being emo means cutting yourself, being a drug addict or being a depressed, suicidal freak. This does not imply the definition of emo however emo people just listen to “emocore” type of music and they happen to be overly sensitive and full of angst.

Some tend to deal with self-expression and self-exploration through lifestyle and fashion. Based on the majority, emo people mainly wear dark colors like black, maroon, dark blue.


Skinny jeans and band T-shirts completes the look, they also use fun accessories with a splash of colors like Studded belts, pins and patches, band bracelets, messenger bags, charm necklaces (with emo-esque charms), and studded bracelets, or even piercings. The hair is usually raven and straight, and can have a few colorful strands.


And when it comes to make up most of them prefer it more expressive, with dramatic shades like charcoal eye shadow, dark mascara, black liquid eyeliner and a dark nail polish. Accentuate the darker tones with a red lipstick or stain. Many emo guys wear a little eyeliner as well.

Photo credit:

Breaking Channy


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