My pet peeves

Today, I’m looking at some pet peeves of mine because I have a zoo of pet peeves I would take ages listing them. anyway I chose the one’s that bugs me the most. Please feel free to weigh in with yours in the comments.


  1. When people eat with their mouth open and smack on their food. Like go back to the pasture if you are going to chew like a cow and sound like you’re chewing cud. It so annoying.


  1. Spoiled screaming children I am not a child hater but at some points there happens to be children who go a little over the limit to a level that I wish to strangle the parent and whisper “Learn how to raise a kid and keep your demon spawn under control. Nobody wants to hear your offspring throwing a temper tantrum, NOW SHUT THE THING UP!”


  1. A vehicle stopping on a Zebra crossing I really don’t understand when a driver does this. It really annoys me sometimes, I even ask myself if the drivers wants the passengers to fly over the car or belly crawl beneath it, because a Zebra crossing was made for passengers to walk on it not for vehicles to stop just right on top of it!


  1. People who pick their nose in public! Holy mother of God!! who raised you? Why are you doing that? Depriving me of relaxed and proper digestion.



  1. Honestly, body touching just boils my blood to a zillion degrees Celsius of anger! It does not matter if it’s cold or hot, I totally despise it when someone, body touches me then happens that sticky thing on caused by two different sweaty bodies eww!! More especially on a hot / sunny day.


  1. People talking during a movie, where are you from?? I mean haven’t you heard of the thing called being quiet till the movie ends and you will be happily forever after.


  1. When you contact a Service center and they can’t help you then the next thing they wish you a great day! Hello!! I wasted my effort, 1 % battery and my time just for you to wish me a great day with zero help in what I required? God bless you!


  1. People who tries to talk to me when I have my earphones on! This is somehow hilarious because no one ever accepted rejection but insisting on someone distracted and not paying attention to you is just a bad idea.



2 thoughts on “My pet peeves

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