Slaying with the Vintage look

With all the trends rising nowadays, when you opt for vintage you are considered as a fashion disaster with no respect to the industry since it consist wearing clothes of the past. This has resulted to a majority of people going with the flow thinking that showing too much skin or wearing a dress made out of egg shells is the real deal yet fashion exist in many ways and many forms of  expressing its taste.


Take at face value that once the vintage tide starts to come in, the trend continue for years within you due to its superior quality, fabric and clothing design. The easiest way to step into this fashion look is vintage shirts, sweaters or even blazers. Although vintage pants are now hard to find however people tend to substitute them with modern pants. Honestly, some people manage to pull the look without looking out-dated.

The basic colors for this fashion look mainly on ladies ranges from tan, brown, olive to black. Denim or floral the circle skirt, Gathered skirt or pleated skirt are the most popular for the look again it can be matched up with a modern top or a perfect vintage top that looks like the recent trends to avoid looking like one’s wearing a costume.

To complete the look it is preferable to add a vintage accessory be it a fedora, a chiffon scarf that may be as well worn around the neck or made a head band, big clip earrings, bold bangles even statements necklaces comes a long way as Vintage style and for the feet there are a lot of shoes one can go for like the oxford heels.



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