How to be a badass lady!

Ditch the “Do nothing bitch” habit

The fact that Jesus created a female out of a male’s rib does not mean that as a female you have to do nothing and expect a filthy rich man to marry you, spoil you and pay your bills! Girl!! Work hard, harder than an illegal immigrant in a far. Learn to make your own empire and make yourself recognizable of positive things.


Set goals

Be sure of what you want to do with your life. Always bear in mind that negativity only fuels your hunger of striving to succeed, once they start talking it means you are growing big or doing the opposite but do not focus too much on people rather focus on your way forward.


Have a strong backbone

In the life journey we meet different kinds of people with different aspects of life, do not get easily swept away know your stand so that anyone who tries to get in your way will have no chance. Since you like what you like and you definitely give zero attention to other people’s opinion but also know the difference between arrogance and a strong backbone.



Remember that haters are people who are who are jealous of what you have or of what  you are because you are a reflection of what they can’t have or what they can’t be  so don’t be a hater accept that there will be people at a much better level than you are, use that as your way to set your goal but aiming to outgrow better than they are.



You have dated horrible monsters for sure, but now you are a grown woman who don’t play games and has better things to do with her time. Stick to someone with the same qualities you are searching for in a partner. Take care of yourself, be in charge and tell him what to do in the bedroom. Do not expect him to always make the first move however if you opt to go single there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Nothing beats the feeling of walking naked in your apartment sipping wine with zero worries of someone taking too long to reply your texts!!



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