My night routine

This is a Whatsapp conversation inspired post. Somehow, I mentioned to a friend that I woke up late on Monday and had to rush thus resulting to me walking on the streets without make up. I know right now you are trying to figure out how my face looks like without make up


well…. basically I do not use foundation, contour, mascaras and the likes, all the time instead I use those only on special occasions . So my everyday make up consist of filling my eyebrows and wearing lipstick just simple as that!

Anyway first thing I do is, I  position my hair right for the use of a head scarf  then to remove my make up, I  start by my lips, at the moment I’m using  Pond’s Evening Soothe® Wet Cleansing Towelettes  then using warm water and  Detol mild  skincare soap.  Gently wash my face especially on the eyebrow area. The warm water opens my pores and gets rid of any make up residue trying to clog in my skin.

Then I brush my teeth, I always by all means maintain to keep them white. After that I moisturize my face before my flight to dreamland and for my lips

ever since I stole my dad’s Labello lip balm, well, not stolen it but took it without authorization I can’t afford a different  brand because it beats them all. It just keeps my lips smooth and I never wake up with dry cracked lips

Then lastly I take a glass of water and listen to my one and only favourite Sam Smith Album – In the Lonely hour or Twenty Fingures –  Para sempre serás untill I take off.


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