Valentine’s day Expectations

Here comes the day of love romance chocolate and gifts, a moment in life where you feel more appreciated. Of course it is no all year that you receive gifts and get treated like a princess all day long.

Correct me if I’m wrong, no matter how single you are! When you come across the word Valentine’s Day you just get that one mini heart attack and for some reason you begin to create some expectations for the big day

  1. Obviously we all expect our loved ones to remember us each and every morning. however when it is from your significant other especially on an important day of the relationship it keeps the flame going!


Reality: Probably “bae” woke up late, minded his own business and honestly had no Idea of what day it actually is until after hours and hours of your expectations he sends you a picture of how his dog looked like when he left home.

  1. One of the romantic things all ladies ever wish for and can never deny is breakfast in bed! fine it is a little messy but the idea of your partner taking charge in the kitchen topless is breath taking.

pexels-photo-196668.jpeg Reality: Instead you get poked out of sleep to head to the kitchen and prepare some food because your partner is hungry half way to death, he couldn’t even say good morning to you!

  1. Show me one female that does not love roses and teddy bears unless she is allergic and has an ursophobia!! sometimes ladies struggle enough to find out why men always fail just to buy these simple things for them instead of going crazy and confused about a gift to buy and wasting a lot of cash trying to impress her with a custom made coffee mug.


Reality: You wouldn’t regard it as an amazing relationship without your sweetheart pulling a stunt on you on the wrong time and day especially when he decides to surprise you with a Eat me Lollipop.

  1. There is just something about laddies, candles and food. I confess! I have wasted millions of my brain cells thinking how perfect my candle light dinner would be and that just got me wondering how I still have brain cells because I think about this almost every time.


Reality: Having Valentine’s Day excluded on the calendar as a national/ international holiday you get home very tired from work and end up sleeping on the couch with pasta on your hands.

  1.  You’re going to wear some sexy lingerie you bought a few days back and you really think you are always one step further than your man when it comes to planning the night yet he already forethought chronologically all his romantic ideas of spicing it up!


Reality: Just because karma exist in different ways!! you left work late in a hurry to rush to the place you reserved with no time for make up and changing your clothes since everyone is in search for a nice place to spend the night. You’ll probably be in a sleep coma once you get in contact with bed because of the long day you had at work.


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s day Expectations

  1. You sound somewhat cynical about the idea of Valentine’s Day, my dear 😂
    I’m the biggest Valentine’s Day cynic you’ll probably ever meet. The fact that St Valentine had nothing at all to do with relationships and love is bad enough, but it’s the fact that it’s become such a big marketing ploy in order to get money out of people that really makes my blood boil. Valentine’s Day, for me, represents the aesthetic society we have become thanks to crass consumerism and the selfish need to have the best of everything at all times. We all blindly jump on these bandwagons and convince ourselves they’re necessary, when in fact we all retain the right to opt out whenever we choose to, but we just don’t!
    However, for what it’s worth, I hope you get everything your heart desires from your significant other this Valentine’s Day 🙂

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      1. Just like Christmas and Easter, it’s been turned into something to relieve people of their hard earned money and to make the fat cats even richer than they already are. The money is much better left in our own pockets


      2. Lol that’s so true! Almost every holiday now has turned into a way of getting income and it is so sad because the more the fat cats invest in it, it’s the more that particular holiday loses its importance

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      3. Fucking A! It makes me happy when people get it. Shows that we aren’t all deceived by the bullshit that the rich and powerful feed to us. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t enjoy these holidays, but we definitely shouldn’t feel compelled to spend so much as though it proves how much we care for loved ones


      4. A bonus at best. If you’re in a relationship with somebody and you’re concerned/disappointed with something the other half buys you then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. If it was real, you wouldn’t care at all what they bought because you’d be happy enough that you had them


  2. Gosh, I wish! I never get any of these any other day of the year either, and wo’ betide some consumer holiday will dictate to him he should perhaps consider putting the effort in on Valentine’s Day. I’ll likely just fall asleep on the couch binge watching Netflix like I do every other night… by myself. Bah humbug.


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