Gift for him

Finding the perfect gift for your man is hard but foods never lie! After all it is not all about expensive gifts and waste of cash but then the appreciation and effort made is all that matters. So, ladies get in the kitchen and drive him crazier with this chocolate game controller!


  • 1 Game Controller Chocolate Mold 
  • 1 Package of Cadbury chocolate
  • 1 Ceramic Bowl
  • 1 Package of Tropical Skittles
  • 1 chocolate piping bag
  • 2 Elastic bands
  • 1 Glass


Put the chocolate bars in a ceramic bowl, heat it for 1 minute on 50% power in a microwave. As soon as the candy is completely liquefied. Take your glass and insert the filling bag inside it, start pouring the melted chocolate into the filling bag afterwards tie it together this will help you to avoid making a mess.

download (1).jpg

Next gently fill your mould too. The minute the mold is full, pat it on a hard surface several times to avoid the formation of bubbles on your desired chocolate design. The patting will also allow the chocolate to occupy the small designs without bubbling up.Make sure you do this with no pressure; grant the mold sometime to freeze with the chocolate in it for at least about 20 Minutes. Thereafter, take it out and gently turn the mold over with your hand on the chocolate.  Tap it very gently and it should just fall right out.

game controller chocolated.jpg

In addition to make your chocolate a little appealing reheat left over chocolate in your bowl to use it as a glue when decorating your design with the tropical skittles, this will be easy since there are outlines and all you need to do is to place each candy on top of the button design. Finally, insert your game controller in a treat container then wrap it into this amazing gift wrap. click here for a DIY on how to do it, believe me it is just simple as doing the Game controller chocolate.


Finally! In bits and pieces this time around you will be happy seeing him giving almost all his attention on this kind of controller without you feeling sad and attempting to pull out the electricity plug in seek of attention!


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