African print lookbook

So last night, bored and for the first time in 20 something years I felt free with actually nothing to do. This is not a normal case I’m always busy; anyway an Idea of a lookbook just out of nowhere clicked on my mind. Though I decided to challenge I using only one African Print Fabric to get at least six outfits. Sounds crazy right? Believe me it was worth the fun. I really enjoyed myself doing this looking like a skinned chicken wrapped on Lettuce on the mirror!

The first outfit is just a summer dress, if you feel like you are not in the mood of anything tight you can opt for it. One thing I like about this outfit is the top part it honestly came out perfect than I thought!

African Print material (3)

Going on to the next one. this type of a dress is so simple and comfortable plus showing a bit of a figure making it look somehow elegant. It is not that much complicated for occasions but I can say it can be suitable for selected ones.

African Print material (1).png

Honestly I had no Idea of what I was doing and how it came out! if I can be told to re-do it I’m sure it can take me ages.  so this one is in some way inspired by the currently trending Silk dresses. It is kind of special occasions’ dress. If you are full confident and staring does not bother you, Then you go girl!!!

African Print material (5)

I was going to say it is convenient for church then I noticed that it is a boob tube design definitely fit for lunch or  dinner date, in case you are one of those who like to show just a little bit of skin. African Print material (4)

Lastly, the below dress tends to be detailed, its somehow relevant to the beach life mainly those who are not friends with walking around on swim suits only with no cover dress this might come in handy.
African Print material (6)

you can as well challenge yourself on coming up with at most six outfits using one fabric the choice can be yours as to using african print or not. I can’t wait to see how you guys will do it!!


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