When I discovered make up

Back in third grade I was a very young and innocent daddy’s princess. My cousin Ketina was probably twenty something then, she decided that we take a walk around the neighborhood for some reasons till today I think this walk had something to do with her having plans to meet her boyfriend somewhere around the corner.

Upon raising the “walk” idea she rushed to her makeup kit and did her thing. Silly me I did not want to be left behind, I plead her to apply on a little bit so that I can also look as pretty as she was nonetheless we all know how ladies reacts when you beg for their make up! Not because you are young but due to the fact that make up is perfect gold to ladies and if you waste a stroke of lipstick their heart bleed pure blood.

So I ended up stealing her makeup kit that moment she was somewhat distracted. To be honest I thought I knew what I was doing, in my head back then I thought I was definitely pulling the Jennifer Lopez look yet I was not realizing that I was actually looking like a retired clown from a circus.


Later I went back to her and she was with my other cousin Nelia who was the same age as me. When they both saw the makeup on my face Nelia cried begging for the same thing that was on my face, just because Ketina had pressure for the “walk” she hasten with Nelia’s make up look then we hit the road.

Genuinely I was not set for what came up along the road, till this day I still remember it was a VW Golf 2 that came on my back on full speed and luckily enough I tried to move out of the way but it was not enough that the car ended up passing on top of my feet with its back wheel, I got the shock of my life such that I passed out for a moment.

Amazingly the crazy little girl lying on the ground had make up on looking like a clown perhaps that’s exactly what addled the driver. By the moment I opened my eyes I was sorrounded by people “don’t touch her she is the evidence for a police report” others “ does she have family she looks like she just escaped from  psychiatric centre” and my cousins were on their natural faces with not even a tiny trace of makeup.  Till today I still wish to know how they wiped their make up without being noticed they had it too.

The incident did no damages at all except for embarrassment having to face a whole circle of people as a minor with weird make up, lipstick overdrawn to the maxim, eyelashes drawn on the eyelids and a blush on my whole cheeks. On the other hand the idea of drawing bold eyebrows on fleek had not reached Africa by then but thanks to my cousin I now have a story to tell hahaha!


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