My experience with a dog

I know I am not the only child who could not let go of mommy’s leg during childhood! My mother had this one lovely friend known as Mrs Pk who used to feed me with cookies and a lot of candy when we paid her a visit. Every day I would ask my mother if we were going to go visit her so that I can plan my day as to knowing I had certain hours to play. By planning my day I mean the time the local Television broadcasted Joyce Mayer then that means I was late but if it aired Deutshe Welle I knew I was on the safer side.

girl and mom

So this day I went to play with my friends and it was the best experience ever considering the fact that we were many than usual and we had amounts of fun games to play such that I lost track of time. Upon realizing that my house has been quiet for quite some time I rushed home to wash my hands and feet. I was very messy than you can Imagine by reason of spending hours and hours on Raspberry and Jamun trees. we all know that when the game is fun, taking  a two minute break for lunch home is another story and mom would not accept that you go back to play.


Forthwith I grabbed my slippers and rushed to Miss Pk’s place forgetting that she had a big monster dog with huge ears and flabby facial skin, by the look at that dog I would shake out of fear even when I was on my mother’s side. My intentions were to sneak in through the hedge then tiptoe leaning low on her building wall until I reach the front yard without the dog noticing me, where as the dog has been watching me all along. foolishly I never gave myself some time to look back when I was making my moves.


The dog went the other way to make it behind me; mom and Miss pk were inside the house having their usual conversations. It was actually not harmful to kids at all. From my perspective I think it was well trained, it sneaked behind me and I guess it was copying my movements, to grab my attention it licked me on my arm up to my shoulder and world war III began!

I screamed my lungs out, When Miss pk and mom heard the screams they came outside to my rescue I took off my skirt and wiped my arm with it. While yelling half way to death trying to explain what happened because they thought it bit me. Poor dog, it was just standing there watching the over reacting smurf making noises and funny moves.


3 thoughts on “My experience with a dog

  1. That gave me a good chuckle this AM. I had an irrational fear of dogs as a kid too. I remember having a full on panic/asthma attack because a dog walked harmlessly down the street one day. Weird as I absolutely love dogs now.


      1. I’m more wary of cats than dogs thanks to the nasty little moggy my parents own. She’s really cute, but will go from really loving to scratching your face off without any warning. Cats look like they’re always plotting something evil to me. Haha. Dogs, on the other hand, just look stupid. In an adorable way mind you. Haha.


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