How to look expensive

Once again I’m so excited to team up with another lovely blogger, known as Sinclair. She is a very friendly blogger who is into fashion and beauty on Sinclair & Serena and the fantastic part is that we are in the same country same and same town I must say. We decided to go in partners on fashion tips, helping our readers to get that expensive appeal. And if we missed out something you can add on the comment section.

Have an inspiration or a fashion icon


Not only do fashion shows upgrade your fashion level but having a fashion icon or perhaps someone who looks like you plus have a good taste in fashion plays a major role in your wardrobe.

Make a list before you shop


It is somewhat embarrassing taking out a piece of paper especially when shopping for clothes however this turns out to be the best way to safe your money and avoid filling your closet with unnecessary clothes you hardly use.

Upgrade your buttons


Sometimes, the only reason that kim kardashian outfit you’re dying about cost more than the one you just bought is because of its cheap hardware. So Swapping in nicer buttons or have handing it to the tailor to make sure it fits and outline your body.

Accessorize bright


Apart from being eye catching, bright accessories can also give your look an expensive touch.

Pair loose with tight


Some people find it hard to do this. They end up looking like an old individual addicted to meth that just woke up and wore what was on the floor. So wearing loose tops and tight pants or vice versa creates a balance key to accomplishing an amazing look.

Know your body shape


No matter how hot the item is on the rack but if it does not fit you then it is better off on the hands of a tailor who knows your body very well, allowing him to add on that lavish taste so that whenever you put on that outfit your posture appears better

Confidence is Key


Be confident if you don’t feel confident in your own clothes who else is going to believe in your fashion sense of style and that you are absolutely rocking it, just wear confidence before you began wearing any other type of piece of cloth.

Be versatile


Sometimes wearing the same cutout of clothes can be boring, so be playful with what you wear, dare yourself to match things that people would never imagined going right together if combined, let’s take a look on Rihanna.

Details matter


If you want to look expensive but still love to go to thrift store like is your adapted Louis Vuitton store, just remember that details of the clothes you buy matters so much, and by thrifting you may find some most authentic pieces and some good designer.Clothes and designers clothes are all about the details, details are like shimmer that makes the clothe special.

Do you feel comfortable?


Ok! Let’s stop right now, if you just don’t feel comfortable with what you wear that’s a big hell of a issue, fashion isn’t all about looking pretty in pain, because that can create some healthy problems in your life, if the shoes is too tight, or the dress when you put it on makes feel sucked in and outta breath just remove it, even if you got a good deal on it, healthy first.

Black and White


You need to own in your wardrobe some two important colors they are not expensive and most of all they are essential in your wardrobe, example a good little black dress, a black or white turtleneck, a black or white jeans and others, these are timeless pieces that will always be needed in the wardrobe.

Take a deep look on the fabrics


Let’s remember here, the fabrics are cheap some pieces of clothes might come distressed or faded so throughout the process of buying the clothe take a deep eye on it because imagine yourself buying on a no refund store, that can be a lost money.


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