DIY // Bracelet

It is not as simple as it seems to cut pieces of trash to join them then they do not show any positive vibe along the process. Amazingly this happens to be the first time in a lifetime I do a DIY without losing hope along the way. So this bracelet Idea, just randomly popped out of my head.

All I used was an empty plastic water bottle. I cut it in to halves, to be able to get the pieces that I can easily work on, Since this bottle had some wave shaped decorations I therefore opted to cut one half in to three rolls.

Afterwards I snipped out small sized rectangular shaped pieces to the count of sixteen. It is wise to have extra pieces for back up, just in case you mess up along the way. For each section I decided to combine four pieces for it to be more of visually appealing.

Since one piece alone just get transperate but when the pieces are mixed they give a certain colour depending on the plastic bottle being used. After that I began marking and making holes where I intend to link the product.

Next I then linked the product using three joined jump rings, I repeated this step until it was my wrist size then I added a chain link and a hook to complete my bracelet.


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