Poor service by Manager

I had a problem with my glasses, the frame in the middle holding both lenses together just suddenly unscrewed on the left side. Mind you there were no small cracks or anything that may have affected the lens.  A few days later I decided to visit a local optometrist before my eyes makes fun of me.

So I headed to one in town, when I got there, I asked them first if they do fix glasses and their answer was a full confident yes. I proceeded telling them about my problem I took out my glasses and showed them how exactly I want them to be fixed. Then they requested payment and told me to have a sit by ten minutes it will be done. I was in a hurry to head back to work but I waited since it was all about my health.

Fifteen minutes passes by, the staff begins to ignore me and that was when I started fuming. You know I would have appreciated it if they told me to wait another minute but they never did that. After thirty minutes their manager shows up with my glasses not fixed worse part is that my lens was broken.  Believe me, my facial expression change by that time.

“Hello, it’s Ms Amy, right? Ok my technician was trying to fix your glasses and he pressed to hard such that your lens broke. Can you top up the money you paid because this type of lens is expensive” this is where the confusion began. Their customer service was poor and her approach was very rude! Rude in the sense that as a manager of that place she was supposed to start by apologizing for keeping me waiting more than their suggested time, apologizing about breaking my lens which she never did.

Normally I accept every situation not because I have money or something but to cut the conversation short, so the real reason is that I hate arguing; however on that day I felt the need to take my stand. I was very angry at her “I get your point, so when I arrived here I told your staff what exactly I want and they charged me a certain amount. So what you’re telling me is none of my business actually this is between you and your technician all I want is to receive my glasses fixed.”

She went on begging me to pay half and they will pay half, I refused and then she started giving me an attitude I’m sure there was a time she insulted me because there was a moment where she snapped out in her native language and I pretended not to see all that after all I did not cover any of their expenses because of her attitude, poor service basically unprofessionalism.

Plus they just loosely attached my glasses you could tell it was revenge of me not paying for their mistake. Next time I have a problem with my glasses I will definitely opt for a new Optometrist or just travel miles and miles to see the one who I have been consulting since day one. It was quite a bad experience but I’ve learned in life that there are people who never accept that they are wrong.



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