The truth about us/A verdade sobre nós EP Review

If you pay attention to the lyrics you can tell that the album is emotional. However  if it was not due to the Hip Hop vibe it contains trust me the whole EP was going to be too emotional, You can tell from the structure of “save you from you”. From the first song, we hear the blending styles of modern music, western composing and vocals. My best words to this album are that, it is just well balanced with enticing sounds and positive vibes.

sobre nos 2

I have been listening to these songs and commenting to myself like why are people sleeping on these artists, this is talent. I mean the setup of “Hey” impressed me the most, it has got a bit of western vibe in it and this completely amazes me. I must say well done guys! The fact that you maintained the flow even when there was a language mix and the song continued being dope, well done.

Moving to “You know”, this song turns up the energy a bit and provides a great world music atmosphere especially if you are in to the Hip Hop vibe. The lyrics are written in a simple style. To be honest when the beat drops, you automatically find yourself singing along.  It is that kind of a song you hear on the radio then it gets stuck in your head and you start googling it.

Neither calm nor energetic is the song “O que vais disser” but it turns out to be a unique kind of love song with a meaningful message to listeners. I do feel like people in the same position as the singer may take use of this song a lot more to express their feelings.

But for no reason “Save you from you” really gets a sister in her feelings. On my understanding, It portrays the relationship where by the man is busy with studio life and friends but slowly losing his girl. So in this case the singer’s emotions pour out explaining his honesty and grind trying to win her back. It’s a nice break from the last energetic songs.

The first thirty seconds of “Somebody gon’ die” are life. Then the beat plus the way the artist out pour his own thoughts and feelings sounds a little bit R&B to me however that does not make it less interesting like the rest.sobre nos

Back at another energetic song, on that hip hop tip! To be honest “March 17” is the reason why I take ages to get out of the shower. It just turns a sister in to a rap artist on steroids performing live on stage.

So “ Sheila’s interlude bonus track” is the deal guys! I mean my cousin can be mad at me and I’ll be rapping “SIRI” in my head, Listen to it and thank me later. There is a part where in the background the singer sounds like he is saying “ SIRI”  and that just makes my day, I like this song. Though he actually utters “City”

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