Weekend well spent

So it happened to be a random street travel. I was actually helping my friend in search of rose petals. We looked high and low all around the shops in town but we couldn’t find something satisfying. Until an individual opted that we head straight to “Praca dos continuadores” also known as FEIMA – Handicrafts Fair (Flowers and Gastronomy) where they vend almost all sorts of flowers.

AirBrush_20170611144413[1]The journey to that place was hard as finding x. We did get lost at some point but knowing that what we were searching for was a matter of life and death, we had to keep asking people for directions mind you both our understanding and speaking of the local language is on a scale of four out of ten. The only person we understood better was an old man around his seventies.

AirBrush_20170611144750[1]He used basic Portuguese and he was not as fluent as if he’s got hot potatoes in his mouth like the rest we came across. I confess! Upon reaching FEIMA my feelings did get hurt because I was honestly expecting some basic items and items with less ability to slash my souAirBrush_20170611142852[1]AirBrush_20170611144110[1]Although a voice deep inside my heart was screaming “I thank God that I can’t spot any auto teller machine around otherwise I would be going home with an account balance less than the count of Gollum’s hair. But let me just take a moment; Oh! Lord, have mercy!! Look at all these adorables!”AirBrush_20170611142804AirBrush_20170611145253[1]Straight from the shoulder I’m definitely looking forward to going back to that place. I was impressed and I legitimately enjoyed every second I spent there. And oh! We did get the petals we were seeking plus I was offered a pink rose!AirBrush_20170611144642[1]






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