Top 5: heartbreak songs

Hello guys! I just did a list of the songs that I feel like you would also jam to, even though these songs can drain you emotionally. I just hope you don’t get caught up in a weeping moment like I do most of the time. so the first one is from

Sevyn Streeter – Pieces

I legitimately love this song. like I would repeat it a thousand times without getting tired of it. I know it’s a sad type of song but I sometimes feel like it just read exactly what I had in my head when I was going through a heartbreak and could not express it at that moment.

Marissa – She’s broken

This is my second best track, I once went through something like that and thank God now I’m happily living a life without any toxic vibes! honestly love sometimes can make you be down for some dense stuff but when you realize it later it hurts so bad.

Jessie Reyez – Figures

when I look through all the stuff I went through as a young lady because of love, It is just total foolishness. I’m talking about being brainwashed into believing the wrong to be right. believing that girl nextdoor is just a friend yet my sixth sense and my eyes were telling the opposite. Love, you’re an evil piece of cake, no! honestly you’re!!

Cruel Youth – Hatef*k

you know… I once reached the point where I would genuinely ask myself if all animals experience this kind of a feeling. just imagining a chicken going through rough times of the relationship or  even to the extent of a heartbreak. Yes we are humans but this is extreme.

Olivia O’brien – Find what you’re looking for





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