TOP 5: Childhood superstitions

If you count stars before bed you are going to wet your bed.

I’m legitimately not saying that I once wet my bed when I was young but this used to be a true issue even nowadays it is still a big deal to the growing generation. though I still seek the reason behind this superstition because the first person who came up with it, really know how to play with people’s minds.

I mean, you could just sit outside on the fire-place, listening to granny ‘stories then you decide to look up at the sky just to refresh from the concentration. within a second you’ll be a victim to your guilt conscious and from there, obviously once you get to bed you won’t dodge wetting your bed.

If you laugh at a disabled fellow you are going to be like him/her.

This happens to be one of the good way I appreciate that the society has brought up since ages and installed it in everyone’s mind in a form of educating people not to create a stigma towards our fellow bothers and sisters.

If you look at a naked individual of your opposite sex you are going to be blind for the rest of your life.

Let’s just take a moment and praise our ancestors on this one! honestly, what could be any possible reason of raising your child with respect to the opposite gender. or  even privacy because at a younger age you do not know what privacy is and its importance.

If you see whirl wind it is a ghost and when you cover the wind with a plastic tub upon removing the plastic tub you will find a baby ghost.

Honestly I really don’t understand the purpose of this superstition at all. I believe someone somewhere one day will explain this a little bit better. since as I see it, it is just one of those stories to make you have that will to really discover If the baby will really appear.

If you see light in the mountains, it’s a ghost.

So this is how parents prevented us from going hiking until we were old and able to understand the impact of it.


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