My confidence level dropped to zero

I went to a near by shop since I was about to run short of office breakfast food for the month. I quickly grabbed the few that I needed and headed back to work, Oh! I always check the best before date by the way!

An hour later, My stomach singing the national anthem of hunger with no other choice I paused my work routine and prepared me a delicious sandwich. My goodness!! my mouth was watery and my mind was focused on the cheese.

upon taking the first bite I couldn’t believe what I just had in my mouth, first I thought it was the bread only to find that it was the mighty cheese; I have been longing to take a bite all along. It was tasting like pure petrol or paraffin. I felt so disappointed, to the point that my appetite  went low.

I ditched my meal and focused on work but it was surely bothering me. within twenty minutes I took the whole package of cheese back to the shop. I was so angry you could tell by the expression on my face and along the way I was busy planning my speech since my last experience with customer service here never went well.

on arrival I greeted the shop assistant once more and explained my situation, with a well planned backup speech that was to destroy her mood for the day but amazingly she smiled and took the cheese, opened the package and sniffed it “oh there’s something smelling outside too” she said as I looked at her waiting to drop the bomb.

her smile did not fade even when she noticed that I was angry “you can get a new pack, open it, taste it, then let me know how it is” she said.  the inner me was laughing at the embarrassment I got, from being all worked out and planning a long bomb speech for nothing.

she was honestly a nice lady with an excellent customer service ever! they say you never learn the most valuable lessons in life until you go through your own journey. by that I was so surprised by her hospitality. Guys to be honest; friendly people with positive vibes still exist in this planet!!!



2 thoughts on “My confidence level dropped to zero

  1. Maybe there is an exception to the saying one bad apple spoils a bunch happy you went back and had a different experience! I can imagine your mindset when you walked in though!


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