DIY // Nail art

I don’t know if I’m the only one who always struggle with nail polish that lasts for only two seconds but on my toe nails it last more than the existence of an Egyptian mummy. Anyway if there are people going through the same problem, I got a solution for you. Or let me just say nail hacks that will help not only to save money but also to keep your nails popping.


First off , the best trick of all is to wipe off your nails with vinegar to remove oil and other components which may  contribute your nail polish lasting a second.


Jumping next to maintaining your nail polish lasting for days it is wise to add a top coat every once in a while.


To those who have shakey hands and can’t say they completed the process of nail polishing without making a mess, the better way to avoid that is to apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly around your cuticles then paint your nails after that wipe off the petroleum jelly you’ll be surprised with outcome.



I’m sorry! I will mention those with shakey hands various times, If you want to paint a perfect manicure but you have that problem then in this case you should thank the invention of brushes. You can dip a flat brush in to a nail polish remover then use the brush to create a perfect nail tip.


Touching the nail design section, there comes a time where we want to make the crazy lines on our nails that we see on the internet but we can’t because we don’t have it all. Yet with just a small piece of clear tape placed on your nail over dried nail polish with an additional coat of your choice over the tape giving it some time to dry too, you can get the million dollar look.


Then for splatter nail design it is so simple just put on the coat of nail polish you like then grab a drinking straw but its best with the stalk of a candy. Put on the nail polish and blow it towards your nail. It is a little bit messy but if you include the third trick when doing this one then your work won’t be messy at all.

Where are lazy girlfriends? This on is for you! To get those tiny good looking stripe design, get your fan brush dip it on your nail polish then swipe it over your nail. You can play around colours.


Why has marble became the “thing” like every where it is marble this marble that!! Worse I’m in a country where shipping cute marble nail designs would take me three weeks or a month! But fortunately enough since I discovered that to do marble designs I just need to apply my desired marble colours on a plastic bag. Making sure the colours touch each other then using a toothpick swirl it all together. Let it dry, then peel and cut it in to my nail size after that I can place it over wet nail polish using a cuticle stick to cut the excess then apply a top coat. I’m good to go!  No shipping required no more since I can DIY it within minutes.


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