Perfect Friday

So I woke up early in the morning, prepared myself and head straight to town since I had work and class to attend to. along the way, boom!! the weather acted all goofy and stuff it actually started pouring mind you my outfit was of a warm sunny day.

“whoa!!, breath in, breath out.. keep calm Amy it’s definitely not your day today” I said as I was honestly blaming myself for not checking weather forecast for the day. I can’t lie I really got mad at mother nature for pulling a stunt on me because I’m not a fan of rain water especially when it’s messing with my hair.

though every dark cloud have a silver lining. as once a geography student before I initiated my walk to work, my intentions were to check the clouds and see how bad the rain was going to be. I legitimately never felt happier than this day in my life! I went crazy, screaming, talking to myself in disbelief that I was actually seeing a double rainbow.

I told my cousin about it but she was doubting that it was a double rainbow because the only photos I was able to take were only showing just one rainbow. Plus you know how hard  it is to convince someone who doesn’t trust you that much anymore because of pranking her a lot.

Until when I was going through my twitter and found someone who posted a picture with the double one, that was when my cousin believed me. Even if she did not believe me, my day was already complete. Seeing the double rainbow practically became the talk of the day like everyone I met, I made sure they knew about it.


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