Casual OOTD

Mixing and matching clothing items is one of the hardest thing I face on a daily basis. Normally I plan it all in my head. I’d say ninety-nine percent of the time I change my plans right when I reach my wardrobe. Reason being that of my expectations were more of high when I mentally [...]


HOW TO// Cut crease with a contour/concealor pencil

You know, I care about a sister in need! This is just a quick look that doesn’t need any bajillion investments. I know some ladies strickly can’t step out side without an eyeshadow, we all have our unique signature looks. So here’s to a sister who just ran out of eyeshadow and yes to my [...]

Eye make up/ / Leg Art// Beginner

hey baby girl! I hope you're having a great time right now and you are not as bored as I am currently. You know what is the result of boredom right? well then if you don't it is right in front of you. I saw this all over my instagram. those lovely make up artist [...]

How to// Necklace using earphones

Once again on that jewellery stress. When you want to slay but it just happen that you have nothing around except for that one old necklace you are always seen wearing. So this sign here tells me not to throw the earphones in the trash bin but I should do something out of it, Mmh [...]

How to prevent your jewellery from washing out

Where are my broke ladies who just want to slay on a tight budget? Because I’m about to spill some tea here. I know a lot will deny buying stuffs on the streets. You know how fake people have become but I’m not here to judge. So those earings that we normally buy and they [...]

Perfect Friday

So I woke up early in the morning, prepared myself and head straight to town since I had work and class to attend to. along the way, boom!! the weather acted all goofy and stuff it actually started pouring mind you my outfit was of a warm sunny day. "whoa!!, breath in, breath out.. keep [...]

DIY // Nail art

I don’t know if I’m the only one who always struggle with nail polish that lasts for only two seconds but on my toe nails it last more than the existence of an Egyptian mummy. Anyway if there are people going through the same problem, I got a solution for you. Or let me just [...]

My confidence level dropped to zero

I went to a near by shop since I was about to run short of office breakfast food for the month. I quickly grabbed the few that I needed and headed back to work, Oh! I always check the best before date by the way! An hour later, My stomach singing the national anthem of [...]

Top 5: heartbreak songs

Hello guys! I just did a list of the songs that I feel like you would also jam to, even though these songs can drain you emotionally. I just hope you don't get caught up in a weeping moment like I do most of the time. so the first one is from Sevyn Streeter - [...]