Totally Disappointed

  While I was going through my gallery I just came across this picture that gave me a lot of memories! I had these two little babies last year 2016, on the 27th of April as a birthday gift. It was actually my first time having this kind and that time I did not have … Continue reading Totally Disappointed


Rewinding 2017

OK! here comes the part I do not like the most!! last year November I made a list about my new year's resolution. which is good; everybody needs that in their lives. If you do not consider doing your resolutions for the upcoming year how do you cope with life? I know people now tend … Continue reading Rewinding 2017

Beige Saturday

I feel so bad that my zip was down when I took the photos but I won’t let that ruin my day. So this is my look for today. I’m a fan of crop tops even though my belly is not flat like that of a model but I don’t mind. As long as I’m … Continue reading Beige Saturday

What’s in my bag

Before I leave for my next project I think it would be great to share with you guys what I have in my bag! I actually pack a lot of stuff with me but today I opted to take a small bag. Honestly this is the only way I’m able to minimize the things that … Continue reading What’s in my bag

The Gifted – Episode 8

Guys I legitimately feel like John’s love life is complicated. Apart from being in charge of saving other mutants, He seemed to be interested in Clarice. I know he had a thing with Sonia then pulled back because he did not want that affair to interfere with work since they work together. Although the fling … Continue reading The Gifted – Episode 8

How to style a head wrap

hey beautiful! I know you are tired of one and the same head wrap style that you had been wearing since ages, but have no worries because your girl is about to save you! I personally do not like using head wraps although they are recently becoming trendy. This is where the job begins! grab … Continue reading How to style a head wrap

How to use a head wrap as a cover up

That moment when you slay with your boob-tube dress then you suddenly want to get in the bank and you get denied access because your shoulders are showing which is considered an improper wear for such an environment. Talking from experience lol! Today I bring you four ways of using a head wrap for emergencies … Continue reading How to use a head wrap as a cover up

Tell The Truth: Podcast Today's guest, Siddy Mitzvah, who is also a blogger at but mainly focuses on music; he introduces us to the upcoming album to be released on this current month which is the Tell the truth album. In this episode, he explains more about it, and the significance behind each song that is within … Continue reading Tell The Truth: Podcast

How to make a statement necklace

It’s DIY time!!! Well before this whole project begin I gotta confess that I did get these strips from my old t-shirt that I loved the most but it had some problems, so I thought I could recycle it to another version that I will be obsessed with. For this DIY you will need four … Continue reading How to make a statement necklace

My beauty on the go make up brushes

OK! girls lets just be honest! No one ever stash her whole make up and brushes daily to work. even though there are some instances where one needs some touch ups on the make up. so how do you do it? let me see that in the comment section!   Previously, When time calls I … Continue reading My beauty on the go make up brushes