A card to my Ex

Oh my God! This book kept a secret that would have got me whooped to death back then. I really can not recall how this ended up in here for all these years. I used to damage or give away stuffs that may bring back memories whenever I dealt with a break up. I’m grateful … Continue reading A card to my Ex



So today I went to church then came back home after church at half past ten If I'm not mistaken. I actually had no plans for the rest of my day.   Then all of a sudden, I felt inspired to bake my face and be extra for no reason. So I grabbed my make … Continue reading MOTD

How I wash my make up brushes

This is the simplest thing I can do with my brushes and the good part about it, is that it only takes less than five minutes unlike applying and blending an eyeshadow! So I grab my dirty brushes and the brush cleaner mat which I place at the bottom of a bowl with water that … Continue reading How I wash my make up brushes

Emergency Eyebrow hack

Hey guys! Hope you are doing great. You enjoyed your festive season and everything went well. I'm sorry I went MIA for a moment due to some personal reasons I'd like to share with you as time goes on. Anyway I ran out of make up especially my eyebrow gel and concealer at the wrong … Continue reading Emergency Eyebrow hack

Siddy Mitzvah – New Year’s Resolution (EP) 2017

Kool Kid from the Ghetto

Hello guys, here I am one more time, and yeah it’s been a while though!

Today I got something new I want to share with you. I dropped my album a month ago, and to be honest with y’all, that wasn’t my best project or the highest level I wanted, but I wanted to share that incredible with y’all and I honestly think it was a hell of great album, I’m actually still in love with it 🙂


In the other hand, I never quit working. This has been a great year for me if y’all ask me, I released a lot of good music and everyone who listened to it enjoyed for real. So, like Dj Khaled, 😀 I’m back with ANOTHER ONE, LOL… I’m bringing this EP, which I decided to name it NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION and it’s a 6 songs EP, produced by myself, Dáryo Araújo and…

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Rewinding 2017

OK! here comes the part I do not like the most!! last year November I made a list about my new year's resolution. which is good; everybody needs that in their lives. If you do not consider doing your resolutions for the upcoming year how do you cope with life? I know people now tend … Continue reading Rewinding 2017

Beige Saturday

I feel so bad that my zip was down when I took the photos but I won’t let that ruin my day. So this is my look for today. I’m a fan of crop tops even though my belly is not flat like that of a model but I don’t mind. As long as I’m … Continue reading Beige Saturday

What’s in my bag

Before I leave for my next project I think it would be great to share with you guys what I have in my bag! I actually pack a lot of stuff with me but today I opted to take a small bag. Honestly this is the only way I’m able to minimize the things that … Continue reading What’s in my bag

The Gifted – Episode 8

Guys I legitimately feel like John’s love life is complicated. Apart from being in charge of saving other mutants, He seemed to be interested in Clarice. I know he had a thing with Sonia then pulled back because he did not want that affair to interfere with work since they work together. Although the fling … Continue reading The Gifted – Episode 8