My experience with a dog

I know I am not the only child who could not let go of mommy’s leg during childhood! My mother had this one lovely friend known as Mrs Pk who used to feed me with cookies and a lot of candy when we paid her a visit. Every day I would ask my mother if... Continue Reading →

When I discovered make up

Back in third grade I was a very young and innocent daddy’s princess. My cousin Ketina was probably twenty something then, she decided that we take a walk around the neighborhood for some reasons till today I think this walk had something to do with her having plans to meet her boyfriend somewhere around the... Continue Reading →

African print lookbook

So last night, bored and for the first time in 20 something years I felt free with actually nothing to do. This is not a normal case I’m always busy; anyway an Idea of a lookbook just out of nowhere clicked on my mind. Though I decided to challenge I using only one African Print... Continue Reading →

Choosing your shade

Every female dream of having that one perfect skin with no acne or blemishes but this is reality and having that is almost impossible! Unless it’s faked! Thanks to the Invention of Foundation make up. Though you can’t walk around looking like a clown with full confidence yet having two different skin colors; your face... Continue Reading →

Ring Back Tunes Award

Whoever said money cannot buy happiness. Simply did not know where to go shopping. A few weeks back Vodacom Mozambique hosted its 1st Ring Back Tunes Award which serves to reward artists who are part of the Vodacom RBT platform and being among some of the biggest influencers in Mozambique The atmosphere was electric and... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day make up look

Now that you have seen the preparation for Valentine’s Day; Polly and I once again will walk you through to getting a classic glam look for this special day. By the way Pauline also known as Polly is an amazing blogger from the UK with her blog What Polly Does. Basically before you add any... Continue Reading →

Gift for him

Finding the perfect gift for your man is hard but foods never lie! After all it is not all about expensive gifts and waste of cash but then the appreciation and effort made is all that matters. So, ladies get in the kitchen and drive him crazier with this chocolate game controller! Requirements: 1 Game... Continue Reading →

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