TOP 5: Childhood superstitions

If you count stars before bed you are going to wet your bed. I'm legitimately not saying that I once wet my bed when I was young but this used to be a true issue even nowadays it is still a big deal to the growing generation. though I still seek the reason behind this... Continue Reading →

Top 5: heartbreak songs

Hello guys! I just did a list of the songs that I feel like you would also jam to, even though these songs can drain you emotionally. I just hope you don't get caught up in a weeping moment like I do most of the time. so the first one is from Sevyn Streeter -... Continue Reading →

Weekend well spent

So it happened to be a random street travel. I was actually helping my friend in search of rose petals. We looked high and low all around the shops in town but we couldn’t find something satisfying. Until an individual opted that we head straight to “Praca dos continuadores” also known as FEIMA – Handicrafts... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on the Romphim trend

A hell broke loose when the “Romphim” trend was introduced on the market. People on Twitter went wild but I must say that this is not new. I mean since the 19 century rompers were around and they are here to stay. What totally surprises me is that men tend to mention a lot the... Continue Reading →

Poor service by Manager

I had a problem with my glasses, the frame in the middle holding both lenses together just suddenly unscrewed on the left side. Mind you there were no small cracks or anything that may have affected the lens.  A few days later I decided to visit a local optometrist before my eyes makes fun of... Continue Reading →

DIY // Bracelet

It is not as simple as it seems to cut pieces of trash to join them then they do not show any positive vibe along the process. Amazingly this happens to be the first time in a lifetime I do a DIY without losing hope along the way. So this bracelet Idea, just randomly popped... Continue Reading →

How to look expensive

Once again I’m so excited to team up with another lovely blogger, known as Sinclair. She is a very friendly blogger who is into fashion and beauty on Sinclair & Serena and the fantastic part is that we are in the same country same and same town I must say. We decided to go in partners... Continue Reading →

Hello 27 April!

There are 365 days in a year and someone somewhere each and every day celebrates his birthday. So the 27th of April is around the corner, I can’t lie: this year I seem to be a lot excited about my womb escaping day. Though I will be working on that day at least the previous... Continue Reading →

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