Casual OOTD

Mixing and matching clothing items is one of the hardest thing I face on a daily basis. Normally I plan it all in my head. I’d say ninety-nine percent of the time I change my plans right when I reach my wardrobe. Reason being that of my expectations were more of high when I mentally [...]


How to// Necklace using earphones

Once again on that jewellery stress. When you want to slay but it just happen that you have nothing around except for that one old necklace you are always seen wearing. So this sign here tells me not to throw the earphones in the trash bin but I should do something out of it, Mmh [...]

Ring Back Tunes Award

Whoever said money cannot buy happiness. Simply did not know where to go shopping. A few weeks back Vodacom Mozambique hosted its 1st Ring Back Tunes Award which serves to reward artists who are part of the Vodacom RBT platform and being among some of the biggest influencers in Mozambique The atmosphere was electric and [...]