How I wash my make up brushes

This is the simplest thing I can do with my brushes and the good part about it, is that it only takes less than five minutes unlike applying and blending an eyeshadow! So I grab my dirty brushes and the brush cleaner mat which I place at the bottom of a bowl with water that … Continue reading How I wash my make up brushes


How to style a head wrap

hey beautiful! I know you are tired of one and the same head wrap style that you had been wearing since ages, but have no worries because your girl is about to save you! I personally do not like using head wraps although they are recently becoming trendy. This is where the job begins! grab … Continue reading How to style a head wrap

How to make a statement necklace

It’s DIY time!!! Well before this whole project begin I gotta confess that I did get these strips from my old t-shirt that I loved the most but it had some problems, so I thought I could recycle it to another version that I will be obsessed with. For this DIY you will need four … Continue reading How to make a statement necklace

How to prevent your jewellery from washing out

Where are my broke ladies who just want to slay on a tight budget? Because I’m about to spill some tea here. I know a lot will deny buying stuffs on the streets. You know how fake people have become but I’m not here to judge. So those earings that we normally buy and they … Continue reading How to prevent your jewellery from washing out

DIY // Nail art

I don’t know if I’m the only one who always struggle with nail polish that lasts for only two seconds but on my toe nails it last more than the existence of an Egyptian mummy. Anyway if there are people going through the same problem, I got a solution for you. Or let me just … Continue reading DIY // Nail art

DIY // Bracelet

It is not as simple as it seems to cut pieces of trash to join them then they do not show any positive vibe along the process. Amazingly this happens to be the first time in a lifetime I do a DIY without losing hope along the way. So this bracelet Idea, just randomly popped … Continue reading DIY // Bracelet

How to look expensive

Once again I’m so excited to team up with another lovely blogger, known as Sinclair. She is a very friendly blogger who is into fashion and beauty on Sinclair & Serena and the fantastic part is that we are in the same country same and same town I must say. We decided to go in partners … Continue reading How to look expensive

African print lookbook

So last night, bored and for the first time in 20 something years I felt free with actually nothing to do. This is not a normal case I’m always busy; anyway an Idea of a lookbook just out of nowhere clicked on my mind. Though I decided to challenge I using only one African Print … Continue reading African print lookbook

Gift for him

Finding the perfect gift for your man is hard but foods never lie! After all it is not all about expensive gifts and waste of cash but then the appreciation and effort made is all that matters. So, ladies get in the kitchen and drive him crazier with this chocolate game controller! Requirements: 1 Game … Continue reading Gift for him