HOW TO// Cut crease with a contour/concealor pencil

You know, I care about a sister in need! This is just a quick look that doesn’t need any bajillion investments. I know some ladies strickly can’t step out side without an eyeshadow, we all have our unique signature looks. So here’s to a sister who just ran out of eyeshadow and yes to my [...]


Eye make up/ / Leg Art// Beginner

hey baby girl! I hope you're having a great time right now and you are not as bored as I am currently. You know what is the result of boredom right? well then if you don't it is right in front of you. I saw this all over my instagram. those lovely make up artist [...]

Choosing your shade

Every female dream of having that one perfect skin with no acne or blemishes but this is reality and having that is almost impossible! Unless it’s faked! Thanks to the Invention of Foundation make up. Though you can’t walk around looking like a clown with full confidence yet having two different skin colors; your face [...]

Taking care of your eyebrows and eyelashes

Isn’t it amazing that all we care about recently are thick eyebrows and fuller eye-lashes to an extent that we cover million dollar bills on products that claim to give you desired full definition results? However we are forgetting that to own that we should at first know how to take care of our eyebrows [...]

DIY Facial At Home With Coconut Oil Plus Bonus Valentine’s Make Up Look And DIY Gift For Him

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I’m so excited to team up with an awesome blogger, By the name Pauline also known as Polly she is quite an amazing blogger from the UK with her blog What Polly Does . So Polly and I went down line to do a Valentine’s Day facial routine and a bonus DIY.  We [...]